• About CLS

    The Center for Language Studies (CLS), which began its journey in September of 2014, aims to advance understanding of the opportunities and challenges in improving the quality of English language learning and teaching at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).

    The Center’s primary goal is to provide effective English language teaching to all students of ULAB through courses which will focus on the needs of learners and on processes which will best help students to become sufficiently proficient in English not only to meet their academic requirements, but also the requirements of potential employers. An additional function of the CLS is to address the professional language needs of the staff and faculty members.

    The Center for Language Studies (CLS) exemplifies the University’s commitment to international standards of education and promoting cross-cultural awareness among students by providing quality courses on English and other foreign languages. The Center also aims to further contribute to the academic mission of the University by creating a platform for generating and disseminating new knowledge in the field of foreign language learning. A special contribution in this regard has been made by introducing a Japanese language course in 2019. This course helps students in developing language skills and cultural sensitivity. It also prepares students for the job market in Japan. Recently, it has developed specific module for improving listening and speaking skills of students enrolled in English courses at the Center.

    Though the Center for Language Studies has been in operation for 6 years, it has the distinction of hosting the first ever national conference on the role of graphic novels and comics in academia, titled “Embracing Graphicdemia: The Role of Graphic Novels and Comics in Academia” (2015). The CLS also co-hosted the largest international English Language Teaching (ELT) conference by any Bangladeshi university in 2014.

    The Center for Language Studies (CLS) also organized the first international conference on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in Bangladesh, titled “English for Specific Purposes: Could We Be More Specific?” (2018). The conference focused on the issues regarding specific English language skills development in Bangladesh.

    The CLS’s future plans include establishing a Self-Access Center for ULAB students which will promote independent learning and introducing more foreign language courses to cater the demand of international job market.

    The Center for Language Studies is currently staffed by dynamic and highly educated full-time faculty members with degrees from reputed universities at home and abroad.