Webinar on “Developing Presentation skill: A Skill to Master at the Tertiary Level”

Hosne Al Noor, lecturer, Center for Language Studies (CLS), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, conducted a webinar titled “Developing Presentation skill: A Skill to Master at the Tertiary Level” on 13 April, 2021 in Google meet platform. This webinar was organized under the banner of ULAB Language Club (ULC) and it was open to all ULAB students.

Presentation is an integral part of the academic life of the university students and considering them as the target audience, this webinar aimed at developing their presentation skill. A presentation is not only about talking about a certain topic. It has got a lot more dimension to it. The session was commenced with a video and open discussion on common mistakes that we make while delivering an academic presentation. That discussion led to the introduction of the concept of academic presentation and the ways in which a presentation can be planned. It was followed by concepts like structure of a presentation, use of visuals, staging the presentation etc. Students were also advised on things that should be avoided in a presentation and tips on building up their confidence. A presentation checklist was also shared with the participants that they will be able use while preparing for an academic presentation.

Students across all departments were present in the webinar. The recorded version of the webinar can be found on the official Facebook page of ULAB Language Club (ULC), ULAB.

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