Webinar on Learner Autonomy: Learning the Language (English) Beyond the Classroom

The Center for Language Studies (CLS), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh organized a webinar on “Learner Autonomy: Learning the Language (English) Beyond the Classroom” on December 17, 2020 in Google MEET platform.

Hosne Al Noor, lecturer, CLS, conducted this webinar to raise awareness about learner autonomy and how the language learners can optimize their available resources to improve their oral English proficiency. Considering students as the target audience, the session was commenced with discussion on factors that impact their (learners) language learning process in a social setting. That discussion led to the introduction of the concept of learner autonomy and how self-guided learning can play its part in mastering the language skill. The speaker also introduced different dimensions of out of class language learning, role of social network, language learning ecology etc. Students finally took part in some relevant discussion on how their autonomy helped them in learning English as their 2nd language and this discussion was wrapped up with some suggestions on how the learners can foster their autonomy. Along with the participants and CLS team members; Professor Shaila Sultana, advisor to CLS was also present in the event. The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Rajia Sultana, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator, CLS. The recorded version of the webinar can be found on the official Facebook page of Center for Language Studies (CLS), ULAB.

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