Online workshop on Incorporating Alternate Assessment to the Current Testing Practices

Shuvo Saha, senior lecturer of Center for Language Studies (CLS), facilitated a two hours long online workshop on “Incorporating Alternate Assessment to the Current Testing Practices” as a part of designing effective online assessment on July 4, 2020 in Google Meet platform. Dr. Shaila Sultana, Advisor of CLS, Adjunct-Faculty, DEH, ULAB, Professor, Department of English Language, IML, DU and the faculty members of the CLS were present in the workshop. The workshop offered an orientation to the alternate modes of assessing students’ learning with a view to instilling the formative assessment practice. The session commenced with an introduction to the epistemological basis of alternate assessment; then the essential features of the assessment practice were presented. In the chain of events, the tools for assessing alternatively were introduced one by one. Each of the tools’ compatibility with the present temporal and socio-cultural context was then discussed. Multiple sets of alternate assessment plans were suggested for the courses taught at CLS. Finally, the workshop ended with a question-answer session and analytical discussion to decide on the possible alternate assessment tools to be incorporated in CLS’s current testing practices.



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