Poster Presentation on Tutankhamun

On April 12, 2017 the elementary level students of English from ELL099.4 course displayed their colourful posters as a class room activity of their extended reading from the book: The Curse of the Mummy. The purpose of the presentation was to enable the students to learn about Egyptian history beyond their text book through discovery learning (Jean Piaget).
In their presentation they projected the life of the legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun, mysterious theories behind his death, ancient Egyptian tombs, and on the most infamous curse of the dead king.
 Syeda Nishita Aurnab, Lecturer, CAS, and an Egyptian archaeological enthusiast, was present there as a special guest. The students excitedly answered to her questions during the presentation, and were highly motivated by learning about her first hand experience inside the tomb of Tutankhamun.

The posters were on display in Campus B (B303) from 8:50 am to 9:50 am for the audience.


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